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anti eSmog - against electrosmog and mobile rediation
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What you should know

In the meantime it is an uncontradicted fact that environmental pollution due to electrosmog has an ever increasing impact. Regardless if you are at home, in your neighbourhood, or even in space there is an ever increasing amount of radiation produced.

It's a fact that the exposure to electrosmog is ubiquitous, independent from the place where you might stay at the moment, at home or work. For example every electric appliance causes electromagnetic fields when it is used.

Willau Tronic
In spite of these dangers a life without electricity is not a realistic alternative. The fact that neither private households nor industry would be able to operate without electricity.

What can you do (in fact of all these dangerous developments) ? How can you leave this vicious circle ? Walter Laufs, founder and developer of Willau Tronic® products is deeply engaged in this topic and is proud to offer an effective and operative protection.

Here are the steps you could take for a reliable and efficient protection against the dangers of electrosmog.

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