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anti eSmog - against electrosmog and mobile rediation
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Solutions against electrosmog

Ignoring is not an effective solution against electrosmog

Everyone, who is engaged in the topic of electrosmog will have the same kind of solution at the first glimpse: "Avoid the contact with electrosmog as much as possible". Or a bit less engaged: "Reduce the amount of electrosmog which is touching you".

In principle a good beginning. However the problem becomes soon evident. Even if it is possible to reduce the sources of electromagnetic fields or radiation with-in your home, the avoiding of ubiquitous electrosmog outside of your house is nearly impossible. Antenna poles, high-voltage lines and a vast spectrum of radio waves inhibit the success of such a strategy of avoiding electrosmog. Everyone who is living in a town or working in an open-plan office has nearly no chance of being effective with his strategy of avoidance.

The approach of the Willau Tronic® products is completely different from that strategy.

"If harmful radiation and electrosmog can not be avoided we have at least to reduce the harmful impacts in an effective manner. Neutralization is the solution not avoiding them".

Walter Laufs, mental father of Willau Tronic®

Therefore the approach of the Willau Tronic® products is to neutralize the impact of harmful frequencies and the organisms. Using the Willau Tronic® Area-eSmog Room Neutralizer for example information signals and frequencies causing stress are neutralized using adequate interference. Existing radiation is loosing its dangerousness on the biochemical interaction of the body. Therefore all Willau Tronic® Produkte use the same and highly efficient principle of "destructive interference" invented by Walter Laufs.

This principle is highly efficient and is supported by numerous studies e.g. for the Willau Tronic® Area-eSmog Room Neutralizer. But even for the ubiquitous cell phone the stress burdon can be reduced until 82,7% due to the principle of "destructive Interference"!

The solution: The inconspicous and radiation neutralizing Mikro-Chip of Willau Tronic®.

the inconspicous and radiation neutralizing Mikro-Chip of Willau Tronic

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