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anti eSmog - against electrosmog and mobile rediation
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Willau Tronic® was founded in 2004

Willau Tronic® was founded in 2004 following extensive research by Walter Laufs. He has studied medicine and is engaged in researching many different questions concerning the environment at his centre for allergies and homoeopathy, like geopathic shifts, electrosmog, chemical toxic substances in buildings and much more.

He has conducted experiments with different approaches for solutions to confine the impacts on health due to environmental pollution. Walter Laufs intensified his research and development work on the topic of electrosmog and the impacts on the human body and developed a vast array of diagnostic and therapeutic instruments. One of the highlights of the research and development is the Willau Tronic® Area- eSmog Room Neutralizer, which has reached many enthusiastic users worldwide.

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