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Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru EmotoThe world-famous and acclaimed Dr. Masaru Emoto, an expert in water and water quality has developed an exclusive method which enables us to make the quality of water visible and how water is influenced due to external force.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has written many books. He wrote the books for the series "Messages of Water" which received an internationally enthusiastic reception.

Furthermore Dr. Emoto is engaged in the political movement for peace and is aware of his role as "ambassador". Dr. Emoto conducts courses all over the world.




"Test series water crystals" using a Willau Tronic® Mobile Phone - Chip

Dr. Masaru Emoto has tested the effectiveness of the Willautronic products exemplifying a Mobile Phone - Chip. He is preceeding with this comprehensive studies in the following way:

"We have started with a capillary tube (with water) and had it attached to a cellular phone and tested in different ways and manners. The water was purified with a reversal-Osmose-filter before the test. The ph-value of the water was nearly neutral, the percentage of minerals very low". 

Such a sample of water is used as control group in a standard test to ensure a test result which is as objective as possible. All deviations in the test results are combined with the water crystals of the control group.

With crystals of this nearly pure water it is striking that the water is building ice crystals with six sides being nearly entirely symmetric.

This water crystal developed after the same water was attached to a cell phone and 10 phone calls with a duration of one minute each have been conducted.

Without Willau Tronic® Mobile Phone - Chip

This water crystal developed after attaching a cell phone (handy) to the water and having 20 phone calls of a duration of one minute have been conducted. Afterwards you see the water and the cell phone (handy) protected by a WILLAU TRONIC® CHIP.

With Willau Tronic® Mobile Phone - Chip

It can easily be seen that the water crystal of the last foto – thus after attaching a Mobile Phone - Chip from WILLAU TRONIC® - has much more structure and is more symmetric.

Furthermore we have to mention that this considerable better result has remarkable similarities with the first crystal at the beginning of the survey (control group). On the basis of these results we have evidence that the structure of the water is heavily damaged by the radiation caused to the cell phone when not secured by a WILLAU TRONIC® MOBILE PHONE - CHIP.

The human body contains more than 80 % of water – an understanding of this matter of fact- is giving particular importance for the spectacular photography.
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