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anti eSmog - against electrosmog and mobile rediation
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Background Information Radiation

Radiation is everywhere.
Some of them have a natural origin and our body has learned through evolution how to deal with them. Due to modern technical developments this exposure to radiation has raised numerous times: Due to electrical appliances, high voltage lines, wireless Lan or due to pulse modulated microwave of cell phones.
The negative impact of radiation on the human body has been proved by many tests. Some of the effects include insomnia, headache and difficulties in concentration until the morbid stimulation of the cell growth caused by stress (see picture: Dark field-foto using a microscope: changes of the Erytrozyten due to stress). Regardless the proofed negative impacts of microwaves on the human body, e.g. by Dr. Leprecht von Klitzing, Prof. Dr. Varga, Dr. Brüggemeier – just to mention some of them, there are no sensible guidelines to find a biological justifiable limiting value.
The sensibility of biological systems to electromagnetic radiation
Actually we are living day and night within our buildings and in the free nature in artificially produced electromagnetic fields of all frequences and wavelengths respectively with an immense number of modulations. The combined intensity in some American cities exceed the natural level of radiation more than 100,000,000,000-fold compared with the level before beginning of the electrontechnical age. The natural electromagnetic fields in the cosmic space and the earth within and direct vicinity of creatures could not be measured by instruments until the adequate sensitive instruments had been developed. Harmful influences of electromagnetic fields concerning the biology were monitored only at relatively high field forces. In the USA and them following some Western European countries the permitted value of energy current density (or: power density) was settled at 10 mW/ square cm, which is about 10% of the intensity of the solar radiation at the earth surface and was regarded as an adequate safety margin against harmful thermal effects. The Russians had started to survey the interdependencies of electromagnetic fields with bio structures on all organizational levels (molecules, protozoas, microorganisms, plants, animals, humans)) at the beginning of the 30s. Their results gave evidence for the harmful effects even of very small intensities of radiations, highly dependent on one or more irradiating frequencies, as accumulating effects. They resulted in the specification of a permitted value which is with a factor of 1000 lower, therefore 10 pW/square cm.
The up-to-date cellular phones (GSM-Standard) and cordless phones (DECT-Standard) are based on pulsed microwaves. The carrier frequency of the D-net cell phones is 900 Megahertz (MHz), E-net cell phones at 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz for the cordless. The pulse rate is for the D- and E-Net cell phone 217 Hertz (Hz) and 100 Hz for the cordless phones (DECT). And those pulsed waves are used for the microwave oven, radar and for medicine purposes. Entirely new radio technology like Bluetooth, WLAN or Tetra use pulsed signals.
D- and E-Net cell phones radiate with a maximum power of 2 Watt (W) according to situation and distance to nearest base station, which can be some hundreds of meters or some Kilometers away on a tower, pole, roof, chimney or others. Cell phones set their output according to the actual demand - higher or lower.
The medium output of a cell phone could be between 50-500 Milliwatt (mW). DECT-cordless phones radiate with a constant output of 250 mw, both the small base station and the earpiece do not change their output. The output of a DECT cordless phone – and therefore the intensity of radiation – is comparable with the intensity of a cell phone.
Cell phones radiate nonstop when phoning, there is no radiation output when switched off. When in the "Stand-by-mode" they just send a short impulse to ensure the contact to the next base station and do that with full power. The DECT earpiece sends a radiation when telephoning only. The unconspicious DECT base station – and this is the special problem – radiate nonstop, day and night, with full power up to a distance of 300 meters as long as it is connected to the power outlet, even when you are not using the phone.
The intensity of the radiation is measured in Microwatt per square meter (uW/qm). With increasing distance to the source of the electromagnetic field the intensity reduces.
The basis of this calculation is the legally binding permitted value to safeguard against thermal heating, that is excess heating of the body or parts of the body due to the influence of the electromagnetic field. Other biological effects and damage for the health like headache, insomnia to Alzheimer and cancer – which may be caused even at much lower intensity of fields, and remaining unconsidered when calculating that legally binding maximum value.
These maximum values are valid only for stationary plants like radio towers, not for cell phones or cordless phones; there the user is responsible. With the cell phone antenna in use and at the ear even the high scheduled maximum values are reached or overrun.
The pulsed microwaves of cell phones and DECT-cordless phones are similar to that in their physical type of radiation and their influence on biology. Therefore all citation can be applied on both techniques.
Prof. Dr. W. Ross Adey, Researcher at the Loma-Linda University of California and one of the most competetent electrosmog experts of the world, in the US-abc-news (1997)
Prof. Dr. Ing. Alexander H. Volger, Honorarprofessor of the Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule RWTH Aachen (Sept. 14, 2002)
"When conducting our research we have irradiated human blood in test tubes with pulsed microwaves which are similar to the radiation of cell phones. It showed that under the influence of that field the cell nucleus divided. There is evidence for damage due to mobile phones. This is not about brain tumours, cancer and leukemia but more about genetic disruption and other problems. If we need to conduct extensive research and close our eyes as, this will result in nothing.
Dr. George Carlo, medicine-physician and scientific leader of a 27,000,000 US$ study (1999) which was conducted on behalf of the US mobile phone industry.
When phoning with the antenna at the ear there is a huge amount of electromagnetic energy arriving at the head of the person. This is the first generation in the whole of history, who regularly, hour upon hour, day upon day, expose strong microwaves directly to the head. There are consequences caused by ongoing phoning with a cell phone which should be taken seriously. As years go by this could result in damage to one's health, including leukemia and brain tumours.
"The comprehensive and critical viewing of scientific literature leaves no doubt, that the pulsed electromagnetic radiation of cellphone base stations, cell phones and cordless phones are significantly influencing ones health and causing damage to it".
The darkfield-microscope method/micro analysis of the blood which is descriptively showing the harmful effects on the human body and showing the necessity of prevention against electrosmog ( e. g. for the cell phone or the cordless phone), are shown with the tests which have been conducted by the well-known doctor for alternative-medicine Dr. med. habil. Dr. Dr. Karl J. Probst.
Blood count of the author on Sep. 28, 2004 at 3:00 pm before starting the experimentBlood count of the author on Sep. 28, 2004 at 3:00 pm before starting the experiment: normal diagnostic findings. This means that the red blood cells are normally figured and lying side-byside individually.
Blood count at Sep. 28, 2004 at 3:15 pm after a 10 minutes phone call with a non interference-suppressed cell-phone
Blood count at Sep. 28, 2004 at 3:15 pm after a 10 minutes phone call with a non interference-suppressed cell-phone: Massive clustering together of the red blood cells (so called development of a rouleau), massive acidity of the blood plasma with loss of the function of transporting the oxygen. The acidity has caused parasites becoming remarkable active (red marked) as can easily be seen. If this clustering has to flow through small vasculars there is high danger that this will cause congestions (e. g. thrombosis, congestive heart failure or apoplexy).
Blood count at Sep. 28, 2004 at 15:45: 30 minutes after end of the cell phone call without interference suppression Blood count at Sep. 28, 2004 at 15:45: 30 minutes after end of the cell phone call without interference suppression (Picture 2:): Returning to the state of completely normal blood circulation, comparable to the findings at the start of the test in picture 1. Especially remarkable is the extremely short time of recovery due to the fact that normal biochemical recovery processes have a duration of hours until days. Due to the deployment of the interference appliance, the state before the experiment has been reached after 30 minutes.
Blood count at 5:15 p.m. after a 10 minutes phone call with an interference-suppressed cell-phoneBlood count at 5:15 p.m. after a 10 minutes phone call with an interference-suppressed cell-phone: The blood count is even clearly better than the findings at the beginning. The blood cells are more visible bounded and rounded and lying side-by-side individually in harmonic compositions.
This finding is clear evidence for the regularity which was firstly observed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the year 1950 that due to interfering measures can reverse the pole of the energy so that negative energy will become positive. This means:
The more harmful energy is contaminating our environment, the more positive energy can be generated with a high-valued interference-suppression device.
* Source: CRIME WEAPON CELL PHONE The (un-)secret Legat, p. 270-271, authors: Dr. David R. James und Ora S. James
"We have irradiated chicken eggs in a drying chamber with microwaves with a field force lower than the actual binding German maximum levels that have killed every embryo without exception. Not one single chick emerged, no chick has survived the radiation. Out of the control group which has not been irradiated, all chicks emerged without any affect. Electromagnetic fields have to be assessed more serious than before".
Prof. Dr. Dr. Andras Varga, Hygiene-Institut of the University of Heidelberg (1991)
"The most important result of our study is that the rate of lymph node cancer of mice has more than doubled after we irradiated the animals for nine months two times a day for half an hour with pulsed electromagnetic cell phone fields. It's obvious that the telephone industry was not delighted with that results, because of them showing that there are health risks".
Dr. Michael Repacholi, WHO-commissioner for electromagnetic fields, about his research on behalf of the Australian Telekom (Telstra), Focus-TV (25. Mai 1997)
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