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A radiant future

Mobile phone signals made visible

“The earth and all the creatures living on land have evolved living in an environment with low and naturally occurring high-frequency radiation levels. The radiation emitted from a mobile phone when held to the head is two billion-fold that of natural levels. Or to put it more clearly – The radiation intensity of a mobile phone when in use pressed against the head is two billion times stronger than the intensity occurring naturally.”

With the aid of computer simulation we can now depict radiation images from various types of aerials and various locations in different colours and in three dimensions. At last we can put an end to the belief that radiation decreases the further you are away from the transmitter mast.
Mobile phone signals made visible

colour key:

black no radiation
green strong radiation
dark blue very weak radiation
yellow very strong radiation
light blue wead radiation
orange the strongest radiation
white moderate radiation
brown strongest radiation of all

Radiation imaging of signals from a mobile phone aerial (sector aerial) seen from above

Every base station has as a rule 3 transmitter units, pointing at different angles from a circle. Our illustration shows only one of the 3 transmitters. The strongest radiation levels are to be found in the orange ellipse, i.e. where the radiation waves hit the ground for the first time. That is about 150 m to 250 m away from the transmitter mast.

Germany’s radiation protection laws allow the country to have the highest permissible limits in the world, those of other countries are considerably lower. This is also interesting from another point of view – all the scientific findings of the last three years have been ignored. What has actually come to light then in these past three years?

There was the spectacular news of cases of cancer occurring in children who went to a school in Valladolid (Spain) on whose roof 36 mobile phone transmitter aerials had been erected. In the surrounding houses there were 18 cases of cancer occurring in children. There was no evidence of any other possible causes (2002). This is of course even further proof that children being particularly susceptible to pulsed radio waves due to their immune systems not being fully developed.
According to an article in the German news magazine Stern (02/2004) no UMTS aerials were to be installed on the 17,000 buildings of the Post AG (German Postal service). The reason – unrest among the employees due to the fear of electro-smog. 
Wearers of glasses with metal frames when using a mobile phone run the danger of damaging their retina and/or developing cataracts. The oncologist, Professor Lennart Hardell, from Sweden’s Orebro University has delved into the question of how great the connection is between the use of mobile phones and the development of brain tumours. Between 1997 and 2003 he examined 1617 brain tumour patients as well as the same number of healthy people and compared the results. His findings showed that among people who use mobile phones there was a possible 21-2 increased chance of them developing a brain tumour on the side of the head, i.e. exactly in the spot where the mobile phone is pressed against the head. On the question of a possible tumour developing on the acoustic nerve (connecting the ear to the brain), the chances for mobile phone users are more than trebled.
The radiation emitted from a mobile phone releases its concentrated energy 3 cm away from the phone – the damage therefore takes place inside the head.
The specific absorption rate informs us on how much energy is absorbed per cubic metre tissue.
For these experiments imitations of the human head were used.
As only patients were examined who had been using a mobile phone for either ten years or more, the tests centred on analog phones. Professor Hardell however found out that the use of digital mobile phones that emitted less radiation was not less dangerous and involved possible similar health risks. The reason here being that digital phones – in contrast to the static signals coming from analog phones – used pulsed microwaves. Professor Hardell - “It is still going to take a few years for the effects on the health caused by digital phones to start being noticed – at least by 2005.” In the meantime, warns the Stewart Report, mobile phone users should exercise caution.

These days many children have their own mobile phone and talk to their friends on it for hours. Caution should however be the order of the day! A child’s head absorbs 50% more radiation than an adult’s head. Faced with this knowledge it is hard to understand why children are given mobile phones at all. In June 2003 government spokespersons declared that children under 16 should not be allowed to use mobile phones or, to put it more clearly, should not be given a mobile phone in the first place.





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