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anti eSmog - against electrosmog and mobile rediation
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Here is what the Press has to say about WillauTronic®

A well made Product guarantees Quality

Finally free from radiation ( excerpt from "Body & Mind")

The technical development has created some revolutionary newcomers, in the past few years, without which, our daily lives could not be imagined anymore, for example the mobile phone. But- however many advantages such inventions afford, electronic devices also have negative side effects such as Electrosmog.

The mobil phone emits radiation, which has been deemed to have a negative effect on our health, and more and more doctors and scientists are in agreement on this fact and it can be proven in numerous international studies and tests. One of the internationally recognized warning study is called "The Freiburger Appeal" and has been signed by over 40.000 doctors so far. And not without reason. The steady stream of radiation all around us, at any time, can be the reason why we experience: eyestrain, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, lack of concentration, irregular heart rythm, immune weaknesses, headaches, trouble remembering, nervousness, sleeplessness, stress intolerance, being tired during the daytime, aches in the neck- and shoulder area, all this and many more symptoms can be caused by Electrosmog.

These truly unhealthy situations must not be helplessly endured, a tiny chip from WillauTronic® may be able to help.

Many years of research

The founder of WillauTronic®, Walter Laufs has been pondering the question, how to neutralize the dangerous radiation, for a very long time. After years of extensive research in his own clinic for Allergies and Natural Healing, he has found a method.

This method has turned into the chip we are offering today.

The solution is as simple as it is potent. The stress causing signals of the electronic device is neutralized thru a specially programmed chip or put like this:

The stress causing basic vibration is being neutralized by a counter vibration (Interferenz)

For this to work, the WillauTronic® chip just needs to be adhered to the specific device, such as the TV, Computer, Mobile phone.

The reason that his method is not yet, widely recognized, Dr. Laufs explains with this. The difficulty of measuring such fine fields, as they are used in natural medicine, in the diagnostic areas and in therapy. Why his invention is still being denied recognition by certain people? Dr. Laufs is certain: "surely not because they do not work!" Simply because of the fact, that they, at this time, are not yet measurable with nowadays equipment used in Science.

Tested in Studies

Not only are the negative and health threatening effects of Electrosmog cancelled out by the Willau Tronic® products in a positive way, as shown in many international studies, but more and more people testify that their afflictions have been less, since they are using the WillauTronic® devices. Also the renound scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto, one of the world wide recognized experts in bioenergetic research of water, has tested the effects of the WillauTronic® Chip and has proven that the chip can protect water from negative radiation.

Other studies have shown, that by using the chip, when telephoning, the stress level goes down by 80 %.

And happy users report, that headaches and even heart rate irregularities vanish after a few days of use. People were able to handle stress situations much easier.

If you'd like to know more about the WillauTronic® -Chip and its use, please feel free to get in touch with your Contact Partner or with : Wenkert & Partner at phone number
+49 (0)7634 - 35460

Dr. Masura Emoto



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